How does DACoach’s mind work?

DA Coach’s philosophy revolves around the coach being there in a holistic point of view for the client.

DA Coach’s philosophy revolves around the coach being there in a holistic point of view for the client.

It’s not just about giving whatever and pretending it will work. It’s about offering the tools needed to succeed, teaching you how to move properly, execute proper motions, feel confident while pushing your limits, etc.

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It is important to me that we both enjoy our adventure.

For that reason, I am committed to always give my maximum potential to help you the best way I can.

Working with a coach should be pleasant and beneficial. Let’s reach your goals together!

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Who am I?

How I got here in a few sentences:

I started my professional career as a Web designer. Eventually, I realized that Web designing wasn’t for me. There was one thing that I really enjoyed and it was training to become a better athlete at downhill mountain biking. That made me pursue a career in coaching.

I applied to the University of Ottawa in Human Kinetics. While completing my bachelor’s degree, I worked as a personal trainer at Nautilus Plus for over 3 years where I’ve had the chance to broaden my knowledge in coaching.

For me, even before I applied to uOttawa, it was clear that I wanted to one day own my own coaching business. Here I am, starting my own little thing with all the knowledge I’ve acquired in my past both from multimedia, downhill racing, human kinetics and Nautilus Plus.

Why is coaching my passion?

Mission & Values

Over the past years I’ve had the chance to see multiple clients achieve their goals and even pursue some bigger ones. My mission is to help someone make physical activity a part of their lifestyle. Whether it’s for fun, to get in better shape, for a competition, to become a better athlete, if I can make you “fall in love” with fitness, it will be “Mission Accomplished”.

I enjoy training to a point where I do it now for the simple pleasure of doing it. In my case, fitness helped me on so many levels that I am sure it can do the same for others. It’s an adventure and an epic one for sure.

Interested in my services?

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. It will be my pleasure to answer them.

I am looking forward to help you reach your goals

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