With a package, you get X minutes (depending on the package) of consultation and online training. You decide how you want to manage it. That’s right, you can choose to split your time to make multiple sessions based on your needs. You can repeat this process every month. When you cycle renews (every 30 days) you get a fresh X minutes to work with again! That way, you can make sure to be well followed and taken care of.

You get access to a fully customized workout plan and program. All plans are made considering your goals, injuries, what kind of equipment you have access to, etc. No gym membership? No dumbbells at home? No elastic bands? Nothing? No problem, there is always a solution!

Every member of the DACoach’s family will have access to my personal help and support in order to reach their goals. This is not a “take your program and manage it on your own”. My goal is to make sure I can offer a continuous service to my clients. The only way I’ll be happy, it’s if my clients are happy.

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